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Затонувший "Профессор Моисеев"
Автор: (Phill)
Город Приморский


Начало / Торжества / Встречи / Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05
Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05
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Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05


Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05
Описание: Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05. На водку у магаданцев даже милиция не обращала внимания.
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Дата: 10.09.2005 13:18
Просмотров: 7530
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Кем добавлено: Phill

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Дата вступления: 20.11.2013
Комментарии: 6
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Дата вступления: 02.07.2015
Комментарии: 6
Is it too late

Is it too late for http://www.rsgaming.com/ me to become brave?I think it was always already too late for me. I think some people are built to enjoy scares, and some aren't and I'm the latter. If a story revolves around the anticipation of a sudden, loud noise perhaps accompanied by an unexpected and graphic cut-scene depicting the protagonist's maiming or death then I have a bit of trouble relaxing. But, of course, relaxing isn't the point of such experiences. Some people find that level of stress to be exciting or so they tell me.Why is it that some of us are able to play horror and thriller titles and feel a thick, warm surge of excitement, whereas folks like me can't get through the first few minutes without feeling like their heart is exploding? Are some people just tougher than others?Perhaps tougher isn't the right word, although some people's brains do seem to be better outfitted for horror than others. (One of those studies claims men like horror more than women; other research states the oppositeand so, let's split the difference there and say horror fandom takes all sorts.) But that research says that with due diligence, I might still be able to rewire my brain, even at this late stage and I'm already on the right track. All I have to do is keep switching controllers with patient partners and thus associating scary Runescape games with friendship, teamwork, and laughs.In spite of my current feelings of discomfort while playing these Runescape games, and in spite of my guilty pleasure preference for power fantasy Runescape games in which I play as a souped-up hero (as opposed to a clinging-to-life survival horror protagonist), I still feel fascinated by Runescape games that are way too scary for me. I keep trying to go back, against my own better judgment and physical comfort. I did, after all, manage to defeat OutNumbered! in the end. And even though I can only play Amnesia for brief segments at a time, I am trying. Maybe I don't play an over-powered hero in the Runescape game but I still am one in real life, just for going back in there again and again. I'm actually way braver than those other people whose brains are already wired for scares they have it easy. I'm the real hero. Or so I tell myself. Maddy Myers writes the biweekly Hyper Mode column for Paste Magazine. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Phoenix, Kill Screen and at the Border House. She also blogs at her personal website Metroidpolitan and tweets @samusclone. The Xbox One Review. My wife won't let the Xbox One in our living room. She's afraid the upgraded Kinect camera will spy on us. That's become a pretty standard line about the One, and my wife's at least partially joking when she says it, but after seeing how powerful the Kinect has grown from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, it may not be that paranoid of a reaction. When the Kinect is plugged in, the Xbox One is always listening.
06.10.2015 11:20 Offline rousutt

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Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05  
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Встреча магаданцев в Москве 31.08.05

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